Development, manufacturing and tuning of equipment for reactor automation

NIKIET has more than fifty years experience in the field of development, manufacturing, implementation and operation of systems and equipment for NPP, isotope producing and research reactors as well as for other nuclear installations.

The main activities in this field are as follows:

  • Development and manufacturing of unique detectors and transducers for application in complicated in-core conditions;
  • Development and manufacturing of drives and actuators for reactor control and protection system (CPS);
  • Development and manufacturing of electronic apparatus and hardware and software sets for control safety systems and for normal operation control systems which are important for safety;
  • Development of computerized systems for reactor control and/or support of operator;
  • Development of integrated automation systems for NPPs and other nuclear power installations;
  • Computer-aided design of systems and components;
  • Operation testing at special stands;
  • "Turn-key" implementation of automation systems;
  • Support to manufacturing, implementation and operation of systems and components.