NIKIET participation in the life cycle of reactor facilities (RF) of its own development

During operation of RF developed by NIKIET, the Institute can offer the following services:

  • Chief Designer’s supervision of operation;
  • Rendering assistance in learning the technical documentation by RF personnel;
  • Analysis of proposals on optimization of operation and raising the power of RF by carrying out, if necessary, computation support and experimental study;
  • Participation in the activities of commissions for investigation of failures and malfunctions in RF operation;
  • Analysis of information on flaws, failures and operation malfunctions, and working out of recommendations for their elimination or prevention;
  • Development of the system for evaluation of the RF component remaining lifetime and its ageing management;
  • Development a set of documents for RF decommissioning.

NIKIET has positive experience in scientific and technical support and design supervision of RF developed for NPPs, Navy and Research Centers including the stages such as:

  • RF equipment manufacturing;
  • RF equipment assembling;
  • RF start up and commissioning;
  • RF operation;
  • RF lifetime extension;
  • RF decommissioning;
  • RF utilization;
  • Spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW) management.