NIKIET Experimental and Test Facilities

NIKIET experimental and test facilities comprise a number of special rigs for experimental substantiation of developed projects or for testing of new equipment or its components under conditions similar to operational ones. Currently, the experimental facilities include about twenty test rigs unique for the Russian Federation.

1. Drive mechanism test rig.

Drive Mechanism Test Rig control panel







2. Shim group (ShG) drive mechanism test rig.

Drive Mechanism Test Rig










3. Shutdown system drive mechanism test rig

stend3  Autoclave chamber of ShG











4. Test facility based on gas steam generator

Steam generator

 Pressure 20 MPa, Temperature up to 550°С









5. Thermal pressure chamber, TBV-2000 type

Thermal pressure chamber










6. Hydro Test Rig.

Hydro Test Rig








7. RBMK Control Rods Full-Scale Test Rig.

The test rig is dedicated for testing of servo drives (SD), absorbers, actuators and other RBMK control and protection system (CPS) components. It is also used for adjustment of SD and other RBMK CPS devices.

Test rig technical characteristics:

  • Working environment – service water
  • Pressure – up to 0.5 MPa (5 kgf/cm2)
  • Temperature – (10-50)°C
  • • Water flow rate – (3.5-5.5) m3/h

8. Test Rig Р.

Test rig Р is dedicated for investigation of the processes associated with boiling at low pressure.

9. Test Rig for pipelines valves

The test rig is dedicated for cold water testing of reactor safety system valves.

10. Test Rig for supercritical parameters(SCP)

The test rig SCP is dedicated for investigation of heat exchange and hydrodynamics at supercritical parameters of water coolant.

11. Test Rig for stop and control valves testing

The test rig for RBMK stop and control valves ensures that the test parameters are as close as possible to operational ones but without the coolant circulation.  

12. Thermal Physics Experimental Rig

The experimental rig is designed for investigation of stationary and dynamic thermal physics processes in steam generating circuits.

13. Test Rig «Steam Bath».

"Steam Bath" test rig is dedicated to experimental check of equipment fitness to work under «steaming» conditions.


Test Rig "Steam Bath"










15. Rig-Model of steam-gas pressurizer

Upper flange (Fig. 1)
Replaceable sprayers (Fig. 2)