International cooperation

NIKIET has a wide experience of co-operation with foreign and international organizations.

In previous years high priority was accentuated on the analysis and enhancing safety of operating NPPs with RBMK reactors.

NIKIET’s international projects are not limited by RBMK subject area.

NIKIET builds up co-operation with the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of emerging issues in nuclear power and experimental research. The issues include modernization of control and protection system of VVR-K research reactor, decommissioning of fast reactors, management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, joint innovative projects within the framework of CIS programs.

The Project of modernization of Physical Protection System of NIKIET in cooperation with the Government of the United Kingdom has been successfully fulfilled. However co-operation with the British counterpart is still in progress.

NIKIET specialists actively participate in various international meetings and conferences on safety and lifetime of RBMK reactors, medium and small water cooled nuclear reactors, innovative nuclear power technologies, decommissioning of nuclear submarines, etc.

Modernization of Physical Protection System

S.V. Kirienko has appealed in his official address at the 54th Session of the General Conference to form a program of international co-operation in the field of fast reactors and has called for participation of the international community in the development of a multifunctional fast neutron research reactor which has begun in Russia: "In the long term we are ready to consider the possibility of use of the site of the multifunctional fast reactor MBIR, which the Russian Federation plans to construct by 2017, for wide multilateral or bilateral cooperation".

For implementation of this offer the Secretariat of INPRO has agreed to organize a seminar dedicated to special performance capabilities and design peculiarities of MBIR under the auspices of IAEA. NIKIET is the Chief Designer of MBIR reactor.

ITER International Project

In 2010 the International ITER organization has practically formed a Project Center for development of ITER reactor The ITER Council has approved the design approaches, timescales and financing of the Project. NIIEFA and NIKIET proceeded with the work aimed at the production preparation, manufacturing process testing and producing prototypes and a DEMO of purchased components. In particular, NIKIET has organized a specialized technological bay for application of electro-insulating coating by plasma technique.

Co-operation in the field of high energy physics

One of the areas of NIKIET international co-operation is linked with projects in the field of high energy physics:

  • The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland (CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research)
  • Accelerator for research of a unique fission of a neutral kaon in Japan (National High Energy Physics Research Organization)

NIKIET specialists took active part in the development, assembly and fine tuning of important components of these accelerators. In 2003 NIKIET was awarded a "CERN Gold Award" for works on development of the end hadron calorimeters of CMS detectors. Co-operation in the Large Hadron Collider project is under way.