Historic background


kurchatov dollegall zdanie
I.V.Kurchatov N.A.Dollezhal "A" Nuclear Reactor building

The history of NIKIET is closely linked with the first steps in mastering nuclear energy in the USSR and is marked by a number of significant achievements. N.A.Dollezhal’s design bureau has developed first Soviet isotope producing reactors for building nuclear weapons.

In 1952 the Design Bureau became a basis for founding a Research and Development Institute which subsequently designed a nuclear power plant (NPP) for the first Soviet nuclear submarine, water-graphite pressure tube reactor for the world’s first nuclear power plant in the city of Obninsk, first dual purpose power reactor for Siberian NPP, first pressure tube reactor with steam superheating for Beloyarsk NPP.

Nowadays the NIKIET is one the largest nuclear technical and technological centers in Russia. The NIKIET is located in Moscow.

lodka1 lodka2
First Soviet nuclear submarine

 The highest speed submarine in the world

In 1954 NIKIET developed the NSSS for the first Soviet nuclear submarine "Leninskiy Komsomol".

aleksandrov peregudov
A.P. Alexandrov V.N.Peregudov

More than 50 nuclear submarines were built with NSSS of this design including those armed with cruise and ballistic missiles. Subsequently NIKIET has been the first in the country to develop and commission integral NSSS for the Navy.

Successful experience of operation of the first-generation pressure tube reactors served as a foundation for development of RBMK water-graphite pressure tube reactor. Currently there are 11 operational power units with RBMK reactors with a total electrical power of 11 000 MW, which produce almost half of nuclear generated electricity in the Russian Federation.

Some 27 research reactors in Russia and abroad were constructed upon NIKIET designs and with participation of NIKIET. NIKIET is the chief designer of all Russian 100 MW reactors (SM-3, MIR, currently being developed PIK), unique fast reactor IBR-2 and a prospective MBIR.