Nuclear reactors for NPPs

Academician N.A. Dollezhal, the first director of NIKIET pioneered the new concept of pressure tube reactors, one of the reactor types built in USSR.

Decommissioned NPPs

Reactors of Obninsk, Beloyarsk, Siberian and Ignalina NPPs have been decommissioned up to now.

pervaya_aes          beloyar_aes
The First Commercial NPP in the World


Beloyarsk NPP
First NPP with in-core steam superheating


siberian_aes ignal_aes

Siberian NPP


Ignalina NPP
Reactors in operation at NPP

Eleven RBMK reactors at three NPPs (Leningrad, Kursk and Smolensk) generate almost the half of "nuclear" electricity of Russia.

kursk_aes leningrad_aes smolen_aes
Kursk NPP Leningrad NPP Smolensk NPP


New fuel assembly for RBMK reactor


Innovative pressure tube reactors

Innovative solutions and approaches for pressure tube reactors such as VGERS and BKR are developed for NPPs with water supercritical parameters.

VGERS reactor