Manufacturing Structure of NIKIET

Manufacturing structure of NIKIET exists from the date of the Institute foundation, and is used to develop manufacturing technologies and test new prototypes of reactor components.

Over these years a number of research reactor components, both inside and outside of the country, were manufactured.

Manufacturing structure served to work out the technologies for pressure tube reactors manufacturing.

Manufacturing structure of the Institute comprises two pilot-scale factories (PSF-1 and PSF-2), experimental and test rigs, auxiliary departments.

PSF-1 factory is dedicated to metal machining and equipped with modern metal-working equipment. Besides the machine tools PSF-1 includes:

•    Blacksmith and thermal workshop;
•    Semi-finished product area;
•    Electromechanical products assembly bay;
•    Control rod drives assembly bay;
•    Welding station and metalwork bay.

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Reactor vessel finishing Horizontal borer BFT-130 Machining center CW400

PSF-2 factoryis dedicated to assembly and welding works. It includes:

•    In-reactor monitoring sensors assembly section;
•    Three sections of argon-arc welding for large titanium vessel structures;
•    Long structures welding section;
•    Laser welding section;
•    Dissimilar materials welding section (aluminum, titanium, zirconium);
•    Plasma coating section;
•    Welds quality inspection laboratory;
•    Stationary chamber for X-ray photography inspection;
•    Strength and leaktightness test facility;
•    Section for assembly of nuclear propulsion reactor facility VN;
•    Section for ultrasonic washing of welding wire and products.

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PSF-2 factory sensors assembly section Robotic complex for ion-plasma spraying

NIKIET is guided by "Quality Assurance of the Products Manufacturing for Nuclear Power Applications"